Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Week Days

Here is an interesting item from the Comic Strip ‘Between Friends’ published in The Times of India:


-Office Mondays are all about starting fresh.

-It’s time to organize and set your agenda for the incoming week.

-Determine your goals and set your priorities with designated time


-And after wasting the day with that, push the work you avoided today to



-Tuesdays are the most critical days of the work-week.

-Focus on your organizational chart and stick to your agenda.

-Getting a jump on your schedule is the key,

-To avoiding last minute high pressure deadlines later in the week.


-Wednesdays are the days you begin to breathe a sigh of relief.

-Your big work-load days are behind you and you can begin to coast,

…unless you’re still finishing up Monday’s and Tuesday’s work and have to

finish today’s work on ‘Count Down’ Thursday-

-Then Wednesdays are the day you begin to hyperventilate.


-Thursdays are ‘Cruise Mode’ days’.

-It is also the last day of the work-week before the last day of the work-


-Which means it’s the day to deal with loose ends, minor problems, major

problems and last-minute fiascoes.

-It’s also ‘Drink Six Cans of Red Bull for Lunch’ Day.


-The motto of Friday is ‘I’ll take care of that FIRST thing Monday




-What are you waiting for? A punch line? Didn’t you read panel one?

( the first line of this day)


  1. I was going to comment the first thing tomorrow morning for several days now :)

  2. Dear Arun,

    "What is the meaning of 'procrastination'?"

    "I shall look for it the first thing tomorrow morning."