Thursday, 18 August 2011

Treat Your Husband Like A Dog

(Strictly for the eyes of married ladies only and strictly prohibited for married men)

Do you find it difficult to manage your husband? Do you throw up your hands in despair when he never keeps any thing in its place? Do you curse your stars when the hubby ever forgets to shut the front door every time? Do you lose your patience every time he fails to find things he needs even if it is lying a couple of feet away from him or he is sitting over it? Do you always wish to go back to the days of blissful first few days of your wedded life, when your every wish was command for him and he was ever eager to please you and ever willing to carry out all your whims and fancies with a song in his heart and an ear-to-ear smile on his lips?

The way out is simple: Treat your husband like a dog – your pet dog!!!

What do you do to and for your pet dog? You shower all your love and affection on him. You cuddle him. You allow him to lie on your lap. You caress him. You run your fingers through his hairs. You bathe him with great care. You find out and provide him with his favourite food. You lose sleep when he is ill. You overlook his not-so-serious faults. You don’t keep finding fault with him. When your friends come, you tell them how good and intelligent he is. You don't tell them his faults. When you are away, you make sure that in your absence, there is someone who takes care of him as much you do. 

And how does he pay you back? He is totally devoted to you. He gives you a ‘standing ovation’ every time you return after going out. He dances around you and tries to be as close to you as possible.

And he obeys all your COMMANDS without demur! 

He sits when you command him to do so; he fetches your newspaper when you ask him to do so; he brings back the ball thrown by you. In short, he does what you want him to do! What an enviable situation!!! 

Now you know how to ‘manage’ your husband.:))))))))))))))))))))))))))


  1. hahahahaha .... I have been telling my friends something similar. That I pray to God that in my next life please make me a dog or a cat but in Europe. The amount of care and the lengths people go to take care of their pets here is pretty unbelievable. Plus even the pet dogs here have ID cards !! :)


    And some rich ladies leave a fortune for their pets in their will!!!

    I would be happy join you in the next birth:))))))

  3. hahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhaha....(100 times)

    Awesome tip! :D

  4. Hope you will follow these when the time comes:))))))

  5. :D :D Yes for sure! :) This is our little secret ;)